Accounting Compliance Services

Mazars deliver high quality Accounting Services to businesses of all sizes. Our team have years of experience in preparing financial statements, corporate tax returns, iXBRL tagging and assisting with consolidation work. We provide a partner led service which is tailored to your business needs and can include pre-year end planning meetings as well as on site assistance if required.

The benefits:

Improve your performance

  • Our provision of year end compliance services will support and protect the growth of your wealth and your business’ value
  • Compliant and commercially drafted statutory financial statements control messages businesses stakeholders
  • Transparency over the timing and quantum of tax liabilities allows you to maximise all available reliefs

Control your business

  • We provide greater certainly over the timetable for the completion of work proactively working to minimise the burden on you, your team and your business
  • We keep you fully briefed on all appropriate legislative changes and their impact
  • We are a trusted, experienced adviser who understands your objectives

Reduce your costs

  • Our packaged services are tailored to you providing certainty over costs
  • We promote two way dialogue fostering a meaningful trusted relationship
  • We ensure the “fee clock” isn’t ticking every time you need our help
  • We are committed to adding value to you in everything we do

Reduce your risk

  • We proactively manage all of your compliance needs to ensure all deadlines are met
  • We ensure that all reporting requirements, including tax, are appropriately and effectively drafted
  • We reduce the risk of inquiry / investigation

Our service can include:


Aside from the statutory obligations, keeping accounting records properly is an essential part of running a successful business. When good records are kept you know at any given time, every critical accounting aspect of your company; amounts due from customers, amounts due to suppliers, how profitable the business is and how much cash is available. This means that you can make better decisions for your company and you may make prompt improvements in your company’s cash flows and profitability, if necessary. Our professionals, use our accounting platform to keep your accounting records properly, giving you access to cloud based reports, so you may, at any time, have instant access to the records of your company.

Preparation of financial statements

Whether your accounts are prepared under Bulgarian GAAP or IFRS, our specialised team can support you to ensure you have compliant financial statements filed to the authorities by the relevant deadline.

iXBRL tagging

The requirement for tagging services continue to develop. Our team can make this process smooth and efficient for you.

Statutory consolidation support

Our teams have significant experience in preparing complex year end consolidations and can support your year - end statutory accounts production in this area.