Debt Advisory & Private Equity

When you want to raise money for expansion, capital projects or to refinance loans, our debt advisory team will help you identify and access the best rates.

Navigating the debt markets can be a frustrating, time consuming and sometimes fruitless exercise. Whether you are seeking to raise funds from traditional or alternative debt sources, or from private equity, Mazars can help you to achieve your financing objective.

Our debt advisory team will ensure that you find you the best rates in the market and advise you on how to structure your debt in the most efficient way. 

Mazars has particular expertise in acquisition financing, property financing, structured working capital solutions and project financing.

Our services include providing advice on:

  • Corporate Banks
  • Alternative Debt Funds
  • Finance Structuring
  • Private Equity

We can also advise on the best way to structure your debt taking into account any specialised requirements of your business.

Corporate banks

Banks expect your company to follow a certain process when applying for funding yet often give little indication of what this process is. With experience of corporate banking in Greece, Mazars can help you to prepare an information memorandum containing relevant financial models and metrics which you can then issue to all relevant banks at the same time so as to get the best rates in the market.

Alternative debt funds

These funds are more flexible and permit higher gearing than the traditional banks. With interest rates currently low, alternative debt funds are an attractive option for some organisations. Should you be interested in seeking alternative debt funding, Mazars can help you to put together the necessary information.

Finance structuring

Price is not the only issue to take into account when your company is arranging finance. The structure of the various elements of your financing package should be considered independently as well as in conjunction with any special requirements of your business.

Whether it is senior debt, invoice discounting, leasing, mezzanine finance or alternative debt, Mazars will help you to select the best option for your capital structure and working capital cycle.

Private equity

These funds can be used to help fund acquisitions, buy-outs of investors, equity release, management buy-outs and management buy-ins.

The private equity fund becomes a shareholder in your business and usually has a member on your Board.

Private equity shareholders typically expect a quick return on their investment and usually exit three to five years after their initial investment.

If you are interested in sourcing private equity funds for your business, Mazars debt advisory experts are in regular contact with private equity firms and can help you to find the best fit for your exit, growth, MBO or other plans.