Internal Audit

The Internal Audit services concern the ongoing monitoring and auditing of the company's activities in cooperation with the Board of Directors.

Based on the operational objectives of the company, we analyse and evaluate the activities of the company in order to help achieve its goals. This is achieved through the adoption of a systematic and professional approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management processes, internal control systems and corporate governance.

Our approach

The services of Internal Audit are intended to identify deviations, to ameliorate the company's internal control system and to strengthen the risk management process, monitoring and control mechanisms.  While we ensure the compliance with applicable legislation by conducting independent audits and reviews of financial information and other data, such as on money laundering, etc. We also conduct audits on company's IT systems  in order to confirm the correct and complete processing and export of data.

Our team

Our internal audit specialists perform internal audit reviews based on a documented risk-based approach so as to assist each organization to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations. 

The effectiveness of our services on internal audit, is ensured from our vast experience, our specialised  audit tools and in depth knowledge of each sector.

Main services

  • Internal audit regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the Internal Control Systems      
  • Internal Audit  outsourcing                                                      
  • Information Systems Audit                                                                
  • Specialized internal audit services in companies in the following fields: banking,  shipping  and listed companies  
  • Compliance audits according to the local legislation in force (Act 2577, MIFID, AML, BASEL, SOX Act 404, Solvency)
  • Fraud Audits

Benefits of implementation of internal audit: 

  • Transparency in the activities and operations of the company 
  • Timely and complete administrative information 
  • Improvement of the internal control system
  • Identifying and addressing shortcomings, mistakes and weaknesses 
  • Ensure the functioning of the company and effective goal setting
  • Identification and evaluation of non-profitable and profitable operations 
  • Fraud detection
  • Ensuring the integrity of financial and operational management reports