Transaction Services

A transaction is one of the most complex and risky endeavors a business can undertake. As a buyer, you want to be sure you are making the right acquisition. You need to anticipate the risks and issues that may arise. That is why it is important to analyse and validate the financial, operational and strategic assumptions you are making about the transaction through an objective due diligence process.

Proper due diligence is an important part of assessing whether to proceed with an acquisition and, if the transaction goes forward, how best to negotiate and structure it. A well-conducted due diligence process encompassing financial, information systems and tax analysis should reveal both the risks and opportunities of a potential transaction.

Mazars transaction services teams offer a support to you when hard decisions must be made, and the assurance that you are equipped with the right information and real support when you need it.

Mazars provide a complete range of transaction services, including the following;

  • Business grooming and pre deal evaluation advice
  • Financial due diligence on behalf of purchasers
  • Vendor initiated due diligence reviews
  • Assistance with transaction issues
  • Post acquisition integration services
  • Initial public offering process / reporting accountants

Whether you are looking to float on capital markets, grow by acquisition or divest parts of your business, our multi-disciplinary teams of advisers will help you make the right decision for your business.

While our role can vary according to assignment terms, in both due diligence and transaction support our focus is on ensuring that value is achieved from the transaction, and on providing the requisite information in a format suitable to support good decisions by and for our clients.

Mazars transaction services teams have built up significant experience in dealing with transactions across a wide range of sectors.