Corporate Governance

In terms of transparency and in order to achieve business objectives, it is essential for each company to be managed according to a powerful framework of rules and regulations.

The importance of Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is one of the main Pillars of modern entrepreneurship. Refers to the system by which corporations are directed and controlled. Governance is a mechanism for monitoring the actions, policies and decisions of corporations. According to the Greek legislation in force (Law No. 3016, Law No. 3873 etc.), listed companies on the Athens Stock Exchange are obliged to submit a corporate governance statement. Nevertheless, the adoption of the principles and practices of corporate governance concerns equally and non-listed companies.In this context, we can help the company to adopt and implement corporate governance rules in order to enhance the reliability of financial information and the transparency of corporate decisions. 

We use our vast experience, and we operate in accordance with the local corporate governance principles, the current regulatory and legislative framework, as well as best practices in order to assess the corporate governance system of the customer. We identify any cases of non-compliance and we recommend proposals, taking into account the business environment and the culture of our client.


Our approach

Our specialists integrate best practice guidance, including the Revised Combined Code and Sarbanes-Oxley and any local laws and regulations. Our work is carefully tailored to match the requirements of your organisation and is designed in order to provide your Board, Audit Committee and senior management with assurance on overall compliance with the principles of sound governance, providing advice on how to improve the overall control environment and thus enabling your organisation to fulfil your responsibilities to all stakeholders.

The effectiveness of our services on corporate governance, is ensured from our vast experience, our specialised  audit tools and in depth knowledge of each sector


Main services

  • Organizing Corporate Governance framework
  • Gap analysis  on the basis of the principles of corporate governance
  • Evaluating organizational structure of the company in line with the strategy and objectives
  • Annual assessment of the internal control system in cooperation with the BoD
  • Preparation and development of corporate governance code
  • BoD & Committees Evaluation
  • Educating Board members and other committees' members on corporate governance issues
  • Preparation and development of policies, procedures, Manuals & internal regulation in accordance with the principles of corporate governance
  • Preparation of Job Descriptions 

Benefits for implementing corporate governance principles:

  • Achieve corporate objectives
  • More efficient organisation of the company
  • Transparency
  • Complete and correct financial information
  • Fewer Fines, Penalties, Lawsuits & Low  cost of capital
  • Strengthening the confidence of Shareholders & Improved Reputation
  • Decrease Conflicts and Fraud