Governance, Risk & Internal Audit

The continuous evolving business environment and the economic, political, legislative and technological conditions both in the public and private sectors generate the need for Internal Audit services and enhanced Corporate Governance.

Organizations are obliged to operate under a regulatory and legislative framework which is constantly changing, to be aligned adequately to technological developments and to manage effectively their  resources.

We offer Internal Audit and Consulting and Services to a wide range of businesses and organizations both in private and public sectors. Our experience covers different sectors such as health, banking and other financial institutions, shipping, industry and other services. Moreover, we are the market leaders in the Health Sector auditing more than the half Public Hospitals in Greece.

Extensive professional experience

We have an extensive professional experience in managing  business needs and  goals, relating to internal audit, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, risk management, fraud, consulting services, etc. Our executives in Greece, with the support from international network of Mazars, demonstrate considerable experience and expertise in such a way so as to ensure the successful implementation of the most demanding projects.

By allocating highly skilled professionals and using the proper techniques and tools, we are able to analyse the strategy of each company and the related procedures that contribute to its achievement, in order to assist management understand strategic risks, identify ways of managing them and organize an effective system of internal controls.

Confidence and efficiency 

The confidence and efficiency are the key words for the structure of our team. By fully understanding the challenges and the changes that occur in the economic, social and political context, we are able to offer tailor made solutions to our customers, according to the appropriate balance between cost and expected benefits.