DPO Outsourcing Services

Under Article 37 of GDPR certain organisations are required to employ a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The scope of the role itself is broad in nature and it would have to be at a senior level in the organisation. Some organisations may find it hard to attract and retain a DPO that meets the criteria and also may struggle to justify the expense of such a person on a fulltime basis. Recognising this challenge, GDPR allows for DPOs to be outsourced or co-sourced.

Benefits of outsourcing or co-sourcing a DPO includes:

  • Reducing the cost associated with a full time DPO
  • Avoiding the DPO from becoming a key person dependency
  • Having confidence that you can access the full breath of capabilities required of the DPO
  • Meeting the independence requirements for the DPO role

Mazars provides outsourced and co-sourced Data Protection Officer services

We can provide your organisation with DPO services from our multi-disciplinary team who have GDPR certificates and expertise in cyber security, data protection, data management, data analysis, IT operations, forensic technologies and technology transformation capabilities.

Mazars’ DPO service provides:

  • A data privacy support hotline
  • Reviewing your privacy notices and policies
  • Providing support meetings, training and guidance
  • Updating your records of processing activities
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Reviewing consent mechanisms, SAR and cookies
  • Monitoring Privacy KPIs

Additionally you would benefit from the Mazars GDPR and Privacy Centre of Excellence that tracks regulatory and legal judgements. This enables clients to update policies and processes to maintain compliance. Through working with Mazars, your organisation would be able to ensure GDPR compliance as well as benefit from our value-added expertise.